Don't take our word for it, here is what our clients have to say about their experience with the OCVM Group.

"OCVM saved our 17 unit complex on the beach in Seaford. Our owners corporation was in shambles with a list of VCAT orders, a total lack of maintenance, zero funds and all the big name management companies abandoning us. OCVM were approached and with a lot of hard work and a solid communication line between OCVM and the committee our complex is now thriving with money in the bank, fresh paint and happy owners with some great recent sales in the complex! A perfect family business with a personal approach ."

Bryce G - Chairperson

"I don't think I can adequately express how much I appreciate the way you've worked with us so far. As an owner and long term occupier, this flat is my largest asset, investment and its my home.  Having a well managed OC gives me comfort and hope for our block and actually makes a difference to my everyday."

Anthony D - Owner

"It is vitally important to share a relationship with a manager who is responsive & thorough. In OCV we have that manager ."

David J - Chairperson

"I have worked with StrataPrime for more than six years in the management of a commercial property in Collingwood. Personally I am grateful for the friendly and professional advice that the StrataPrime team have provided to our Committee. As owners and members of the Committee we may not always agree with one another and during these times we have relied on the calm and practical solutions proposed by StrataPrime as our Manager. It has been a pleasure dealing with every member of the StrataPrime team."

David Q - Chairperson

"I have been very impressed with the services of the StrataPrime team for a number of years. They support our Committee as well as the Building Manager with the utmost professionalism and sound industry experience. Their service is prompt, efficient and always reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending StrataPrime to any owners corporation ."

Nick S- Chairperson

"I have been Chairperson of an Owners Corporation managed, from its inception, by StrataPrime.

StrataPrime has provided a quality service for us during an extended period of challenges as well as performing well on routine matters and meeting statutory requirements on time ."

John H - Chairperson