Our People

At OCVM Group we believe that a key differentiator is the quality, experience, qualification, enthusiasm, energy and skill sets of our people.

All key support staff at OCVM Group are highly experienced and trained professionals knowledgeable in the effective management of Owners Corporations. We have developed a unique blend of the highly experienced that coach, develop and mentor the next generation of Owners Corporation managers.

We value our youth. We value their enthusiasm and their energy. Our approach to recruitment centres on the identification of new talent, a blended training program and the empowerment of our young team who we clearly see as the future for our sector.


Steve Danne- Chief Executive Officer 

Diploma of Management (Strata)  Certified Practising Strata Manager (CPSM)

Steve has a solid background in management and administration, specialist project management, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. His experience encompasses managing, advising, planning, and co-coordinating projects for various companies as well as the provision of consultancy based services in the area of Company Secretarial and General Management.

Complementing this are the executive skills required to ensure interactivity with all level of stakeholder including directors, investors, contractors, clients, co-workers and customers. He possesses extensive experience in administration, finance, corporate structure and compliance, IT solutions, warehousing and logistics. He holds an REIV sub agents license. His knowledge of budget analysis and creation, cash flow projections and targets, business plans, proposals and presentations is exemplary.

He is a highly motivated and passionate leader. He integrates quickly into existing structures being a proven team builder and leader.

His diversity of skills and depth of experience adds another layer to our organizational structure which complements our strong property focus


Bec Pickwell- General Manager - OCVM Group

Diploma of Management (Strata)  Certified Practising Strata Manager (CPSM)


03 9417 9600

Bec oversees the team across all of our brands. She has a wealth of management experience in the owners corporation industry and holds a Diploma of Management (Strata). Bec thrives in the fast paced environment and enjoys the challenges which we face on a daily basis.

Josh Danne- General Manager - StrataLaunch

Certified Practising Strata Manager (CPSM)


03 9417 9600

Josh joined the family business in 2014 and quickly adapted his business development knowledge to the strata industry. With customer service front of mind, Josh has diligently managed all facets of strata titled properties and thrives on the different challenges that are experienced on a daily basis.

A Certified Practicing Strata Manager, Josh has a firm understanding of the Owners Corporation Act that underpins his service delivery. He would welcome an opportunity to discuss your management needs.