37° Owners Corporation - Commercial & Industrial

A positive approach

We pride ourselves on providing property solutions.   It is our positive, helpful approach that our clients find appealing.

As you consider a new strata management company, you will soon notice that the list of services offered is pretty much the same. Most will manage your financials, organise meetings, handle insurance, offer 24/7 emergency services and assist when a problem arises.

While the list of services may be similar, the key point of difference at 37°Owners Corporation is the way we deliver and perform these services and our added care factor.  This is what makes us second-to-none.

What's in a name?

37 degrees is the perfect human body temperature which enables all the differing components within our body to work in harmony. The same can be said for an Owners Corporation. There are many different unit holders and components that, if all working together, achieve collaboration and outcomes to suit all parties.

Our mission

Our Owners Corporation service provides outstanding property solutions. We focus on client service, efficiency and value for money.  We genuinely care that your investment is well looked after. The 37° Owners Corporation team offers a unique combination of experience in property development, technology management and business transformation, a combination which makes us an industry leader.