What are some of the duties of the Owners Corporation Manager?

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • managing the financial accounts of the Owners Corporation;
  • facilitating insurance matters - claims, renewals and Owner's queries;
  • managing the correspondence with Owners, contractors, and other 3rd parties;
  • formulating recommended budgets each financial year;
  • convening the Annual General Meeting, and sending out related Notices, Nominations etc;
  • chairing the AGM, and issuing the Minutes to all owners following the meeting;
  • accepting new budgets adopted at the AGM, and issuing the new Levies;
  • attending to the preparation and disemanation of Owners Corporation Certificates for Owners selling their Lot;
  • attending to the convening of any Special General Meetings;
  • preparing Postal Ballots to allow for decision making by all owners without the need to meet formally. 
  • managing Committee issues, including calling of Committee Meetings and issuing Minutes of those meetings;
  • assisting any Owner to navigate on matters of Owners Corporationlaw and procedure and;
  • managing any dispute and facilitating outcomes by way of resolution that may arise.